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About Us

The (Start-up India Recognized) is a product of Upcycle Furnishing India (UFI) A technology-driven company working on SaaS (Software as a Service) based model to organize the Kabaad management sector.

At Barter Uncle, we're committed to transforming the way we perceive Kabaad. We believe that with a touch of creativity and mindfulness, many discarded items can be given a new lease of life. By adhering to Barter Uncle’s terms & conditions, you can participate in this movement to repurpose and exchange Kabaad




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Sustainable Exchanges

Pioneering Sustainable Exchanges

A barter system refers to a method of exchange where goods or services are traded directly without the use of money. In a barter system, individuals or businesses exchange their surplus goods or services for the goods or services they need. It is one of the oldest forms of trade and predates the invention of currency.

In a barter system, the exchange is typically based on mutual agreement, and the value of goods or services is determined through negotiation. For example, if someone has an excess of wheat and needs cloth, they can find someone who has cloth but needs wheat and trade the two items directly.

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What We Do For The Environment
  1. Promoting a Circular Economy: Our platform encourages users to barter goods, ensuring that fewer items end up in landfills and reducing the carbon footprint linked with producing new items.

  2. Digital-First Approach: By facilitating exchanges online, we cut down on unnecessary physical infrastructure and associated emissions. This also reduces the need for transportation, cutting down on vehicular emissions.

  3. Eco-Friendly Education: We provide our community with valuable information and resources on eco-conscious living, teaching them to make sustainable choices beyond just bartering.

  4. Partnerships with Green Initiatives: We collaborate with environmental NGOs and sustainable brands to enhance our reach and impact. A portion of our revenue is also redirected towards environmental conservation projects.

5. Low Carbon Footprint Operations: Our operations, from our servers to our offices, are powered by renewable energy sources, ensuring that our business has a minimal carbon footprint.
6. Waste Reduction: We continually optimize our processes to ensure minimal wastage. This includes digital documentation, promoting remote work, and reducing our use of non-recyclable materials.
7.Community Engagements: We organize periodic clean-up drives, tree-planting events, and other community-based environmental initiatives, providing our users an opportunity to give back to the environment.