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Barter system refers to a method of exchange where goods or services are traded directly without the use of money.

What is Barter Uncle?

A barter uncle is a business that facilitates the trading of goods and services between its members without the use of money. In a barter system, participants exchange their products or services directly with one another, using a mutual credit system or a centralized platform provided by the barter exchange company.

What is Barter Exchange or Barter System?

A barter exchange is a method of trade where goods or services are exchanged directly between the Customer and the barter uncle without the involvement of money. In a barter transaction, the parties involved swap their goods or services based on their mutual needs and agree on the value of the items being exchanged.

Why is waste or scrap useful for Barter Uncle?

Barter Uncle focuses on waste and can play a valuable role in facilitating the exchange and repurposing of waste materials according to Barter Uncle’s terms & conditions

Here’s how you can convert waste into upcycled items:

    1. Identify Suitable Waste Materials: Start by identifying waste materials that can be repurposed. This can include items like used clothing, fabric scraps, plastic bottles, old furniture, cardboard, or discarded wood.

2. Assess Potential Upcycling Ideas: Consider the characteristics and potential applications of the waste materials. Think about how they can be transformed into functional or decorative items. For example, fabric scraps can be turned into patchwork quilts or tote bags, while glass bottles can be transformed into lamps or vases.

3. Design and Plan: Develop a design or plan for the upcycled item you want to create. Sketch out the concept and consider the necessary modifications or additions to the waste material to achieve your desired result.

4.Gather Tools and Materials: Collect the tools and additional materials you’ll need for the upcycling project. This can include sewing machines, cutting tools, adhesives, paints, or any other supplies specific to your project.

5.Clean and Prepare the Waste Materials: Ensure that the waste materials are clean and ready for upcycling. Remove any non-reusable parts or contaminants and prepare the materials for the transformation process.

6.Transform the Waste Materials: Use your creativity and skills to transform the waste materials into upcycled items. This may involve cutting, sewing, painting, assembling, or combining different materials to create the final product. Follow your design plan and make adjustments as needed.

7.For example – Convert old furniture into upcycle furniture or exchange old clothes with doormats, bags, or other fabric items.

8.Quality Control and Finishing: Inspect the upcycled item to ensure it meets your quality standards. Make any necessary refinements or improvements to enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality.

9.Promote and Sell Upcycled Items: Once the upcycled items are ready, you can showcase and promote them through various channels. This can include online marketplaces, social media platforms, local craft fairs, or eco-friendly stores. Highlight the sustainable and unique aspects of your upcycled creations to attract potential customers.

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India's No.1 Barter Company

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Message from Barter Uncle

Dear valued customer,

We hope you are doing well. We wanted to reach out and provide you with some helpful information regarding our waste trading program. We have created a simple and efficient way for you to exchange your waste for valuable items. Now, you can select the items you want to trade based on the category they belong to. This makes it even easier for you to participate in our program and start benefitting from the exchange of waste. Whether you have electronic waste, recyclables, or other kinds of waste, we have plenty of options available for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We appreciate your interest in our waste trading program and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best regards,

Barter Uncle

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About Us

A barter exchange company, also known as a barter uncle, allows members to trade goods and services without money. A central platform is used to facilitate the exchange or a mutual credit system. Bartering saves money for members and creates opportunities for businesses to expand and network within the exchange. It is particularly useful for new or small businesses lacking cash. The exchange builds relationships beyond the bartering transactions.

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Customer Upload kabaad Photos

Please upload 2-3 images of your Kabaad in which the condition of the product is clearly visible to provide the best value

Customer Get Quotation

After sending the Kabaad pictures, customers will get the quotation from our BARTER UNCLE team and get the best value after receiving the quotation.



Choose New Products

After completing both steps, the customer get an opportunity to choose his/her favourite products among various items. Without Involed Any cash.

Barter/Exchange Done

Thank you for being a part of the Barter Uncle family. When barter is completed after 3-4 hours the scrap value is added to your Barter Uncle wallet account. With which you can shop from Barter Uncle's site.